Stacey Larsen

Vice President, Operations Director

WATG Los Angeles

Tel +1 (310)282-0626

Stacey Larsen believes that business is built around relationships, both internal and external. Simply put, it’s about the people — and with this belief she has cultivated a multi-million dollar business. Stacey has over 16 years experience in the interior design industry and has served as a managing director of Wilson Associates. She led the west coast operations of Wilson Associates and managed over $100 million worth of design projects worldwide during her tenure, ranging from hospitality, resort and urban; residential, single family to palaces; and restaurants. Her breadth and depth of experience in design covers operations; business development; creative marketing; human resources; project management; and financial budget management.

Prior to the design industry, Stacey worked in the fine jewelry and fashion industries in New York. This experience taught her that creativity can be a viable business if approached and managed properly. To compete in today’s ever changing world requires not only management skills, but creative thinking in the approach to design. Stacey has this skill and surrounds herself with other creative thinkers to bring new approaches and ideas to fruition, which comes back to her core belief that it’s all about the people.