I-Jin Chew

Principal, Architecture

I-Jin Chew


I-Jin Chew  is passionate about leading talented teams that challenge expectations and delivering work that inspires clients and users alike. She feels that the best designs are realised when the developer, operator, architect and consultants are fully aligned with a shared vision. She endeavours to foster this synergy with each project that she leads.

With 25 years of experience, I-Jin brings a wide array of knowledge in architectural design as well as documentation and sustainable building practices to the WATG team.  After graduating from Cambridge University, I-Jin joined a prominent Singapore-based architectural practice and rose to junior partner there. Here, she gained invaluable experience in residential, community and educational buildings.

After 10 years of practice, she pursued her academic and teaching interests as a senior lecturer at the Singapore Polytechnic, leading the final year of the architectural programme and was assigned the Program Manager for the Diploma Plus in Sustainability.

I-Jin’s love for nurturing talent and a strong understanding of buildings practices has allowed her to become a mentor to WATG’s up-and-coming designers and has introduced a strong connection to the local universities.  As a registered architect, she has sat on various Singapore Institute of Architects’ sub-committees, including that to establish the National Productivity and Quality Specifications for architectural projects, and has contributed to local publications.

WATG has enabled I-Jin to return to practice on a global platform and develop designs for exceptional destinations such as an iconic Crowne Plaza beach resort in Hainan, a flagship high-rise residential development in Guangzhou, resort master plans in Bali and the Maldives and a mountain resort and conference centre in Beidahu, China. I-Jin led the ISO 9001 Quality Certification process at the Singapore office and is responsible for the current management of the system here.