The preeminent leader in integrated luxury hospitality design.

Who we are

From our dawning days in 1945 Honolulu, we have pioneered hospitality, tourism, and destination design. Independent to this day, we are a global integrated design firm specializing in Advisory, Master Planning, Architecture, Landscape, and Interior Design. We are a team of creative, world-traveling professionals designing landmark urban and leisure destinations with seven offices across three continents.

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Pushing the boundaries of possibility while delivering enduring client success across the globe.
Our creative instinct to honor the intrinsic beauty of each destination and to celebrate the relationships forged through every project enables us to create moments of luxury hospitality like no one else.

Grounded in rigorous strategy and incomparable domain expertise, we create iconic, exhilarating, culturally significant destinations.

Powered by deep domain knowledge, technology-based design, and remaining true to our cultural legacy to design destinations that lift the spirit.

Our legacy

For more than 75 years, we’ve held an unwavering commitment to design innovation and excellence.

WATG has historically led design innovation that amplifies guest experience and client prosperity.  We make it our responsibility to continually expand the art and craft of hospitality design across a range of typologies.

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