Marcel Padmos

Vice President, Senior Planner

WATG Singapore

Tel +65 6227 2618

Marcel Padmos is a master planner with over 16 years of design experience in urban, mixed-use, resort and residential planning. Since joining WATG in 2005, Marcel has worked in both the London and Singapore offices, and completed projects throughout Europe, North-Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Asia and the United States.

Marcel’s extensive experience and global perspective has resulted in a comprehensive portfolio of planning and urban design projects, varying in scale from small residential /resort projects through to large-scale, new town developments.

Placemaking plays an intrinsic part in Marcel’s approach to design, by focusing on the end user experience he is able to create timeless and successful destinations. Marcel has been involved in a number of master planning competitions where he has lead the team to develop new innovative concepts, that push the boundaries of traditional planning.

Recently, Marcel has been focused on planning projects in Vietnam, China and Malaysia. He has been working on a governmental approved, strategic development plan for Phu Quoc, Vietnam; leading a new town development just outside of Johor Bahru, Malaysia; and planning an entry town for a mountain destination, which is set to transform a small agriculture town into a distinctive modern community, providing farmers with employment opportunities.