Diverse, innovative, entrepreneurial - Wimberly Interiors' Singapore brings together design talent from a wide range of cultural and global backgrounds to serve the region

With Singapore poised to become Asia’s global city for design and creativity as well as the preferred Asia hub for top global businesses, Wimberly Interiors’ Singapore office anchors the brand in Asia.

We recognize the importance of our presence in the Asia-Pacific region, providing exceptional service to our clients, designing innovative and culturally sensitive projects and building strategic relationships with developers, operators and other creative minds in the region.

Working with our WATG colleagues, we attract our design talent from diverse cultural, global and regional backgrounds, resulting in a vibrant studio environment where individuals team up, learn, collaborate and inspire one another.

8 Commonwealth Lane #02-03
Singapore 149555 (map)
Tel +65 6227-2618

Associate Vice President + Studio Director: Christine McGinnis

Singapore Team

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