Haptik, Luxury redefined, effortless sustainability

The WATG/IDEO team created "Haptik" (a Greek term meaning to experience interactions) based on a sense of touch and created a juxtaposition between sustainability and luxury by redefining the guest experience without sacrificing either ideal. Among the innovative winning strategies were the many energy-reducing features such as an "all-off" switch to ensure lights are automatically turned off based on passive infrared sensors (PIS) and room conditioning equipped by a four-pipe horizontal fan-coil system. Additionally, water use was also key in reducing environmental impact, as the Haptik suite includes a Trombe wall in the shower that captures solar heat to warm the shower water and a graywater irrigation system that filters and recycles shower water to outdoor gardens and landscaping.



Customized lighting and temperature preferences via PDA prior to arrival; customized PDA tour guides; room key doubles as bus and train passes; nana wall that opens to the outdoors; complimentary bicycle rentals

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Interiors, Integrated, Architecture

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2009-10-21 00:00:00.0 - Sustainable Suite Design Competition Winner
Awarded By: The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
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8.16.10 - Sustainable Suite
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8.02.10 - Sustainable Suite Design Competition: Unveiled
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6.17.10 - Haptik Blends Luxury and Sustainability
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6.02.10 - Sustainable Suite Design Competition
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6.01.10 - WATG award winning sustainable suite: Haptik
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5.22.10 - Design contest provides glimpse of 'green' hotel room of future
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5.14.10 - Winning Sustainable Suite to be Showcased at HD Expo
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7.16.10 - Planet People: At WATG, green is a lifestyle, a culture, a business
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2.10.10 - USGBC's Sustainable Suite Winner Heads to HD Expo
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2.10.10 - WATG Wins Sustainable Hotel Suite Contest
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11.17.09 - Center Partner - WATG Wins Sustainable Design Competition
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11.06.09 - Haptik Sustainable Suite Design by WATG
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11.04.09 - WATG, IDEO collaboration aims to redefine the guest experience
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11.02.09 - The Sustainable Suite Design Competition Announces Winners

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10.27.09 - USGBC Announces Winner of Sustainable Design Competition

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10.27.09 - USGBC Announces Winner of Sustainable Design Competition
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10.27.09 - WATG, IDEO Win Green Design Competition
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10.21.09 - USGBC Announces Winner of First-ever Sustainable Suite Design Competition

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