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Reimagine, Restore, and Revitalize with WATG and Wimberly Interiors.
umana bali lobby

Umana Bali, LXR Hotels and Resorts – Architecture, Landscape, and Wimberly Interiors

The renovation of a hotel is a constant process. It starts the day the hotel opens and continues throughout its life.

At WATG, we believe that every property holds the promise of a remarkable story, a narrative waiting to unfold. Our Renovation, Restoration, and Refurbishment (R3) services are designed to unlock this potential, transforming spaces into extraordinary destinations that inspire and uplift your guests and your commercial performance.

Now more than ever – whether it’s to stay ahead of the competition, to satisfy the needs of a changing marketplace, to optimize energy efficiency, or to generate higher gross operating profits – renovation is a timely marketing and investment opportunity.

Liana Hawes Young Discusses the renovation of Omni Homestead

Multidisciplinary Team

The Art of the Possible

In a world where the hospitality landscape is ever evolving, the need for visionary reinvestment has never been greater.

With a legacy of excellence deeply rooted in luxury hospitality design, our multidisciplinary team; comprising advisory experts, master planners, architects, landscape architects, and Wimberly Interiors designers seek to reimagine the possibilities.

In close partnership, we guide our clients through a journey to craft spaces that deliver tailored solutions that resonate with their vision, brand’s essence, and future aspirations.

Our Approach

Our Holistic Approach

+ Audit and Assessment: We begin with a meticulous exploration of your property’s current state, uncovering hidden potentials and identifying opportunities for enhancement. We listen and seek to understand your challenges and economic objectives. Our comprehensive evaluations ensure a deep understanding of your asset’s unique character and strengths and offers resilient solutions to protect your assets as well as your reputation.

+ Program and Concept Development: Translating insights into visionary concepts, we provide achievable timelines and program options that consider practical and seasonal considerations.

+ Branding and Storytelling: We craft compelling narratives that breathe new life into your property. Our branding experts weave stories that resonate deeply with guests, creating memorable experiences that forge lasting connections.

We seek to support your ROI goals with clear objectives and an experienced team.

+ Design Execution: Our commitment to excellence ensures that the execution of your chosen design concepts is flawless. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, we bring your vision to life, delivering projects on time and within budget.

+ Construction Management: Through our construction management services, we seamlessly bring design intent to reality, managing costs, schedules, and phases with precision to safeguard your investment and achieve your aspirations.

+ Performance Monitoring and Measuring: Post-renovation, we ensure your property performs to its highest potential, achieving design specifications, client goals, and sustainable operations. Our data-driven approach informs future improvements and long-term success.

Park Hyatt Aviara courtyard night

Park Hyatt Aviara – Architecture, Landscape, Wimberly Interiors


Why Choose WATG?

As pioneers in luxury hospitality design, we bring our passion, deep knowledge, and visionary creativity to every project.

+ Comprehensive Services: Choosing our all-encompassing services—Advisory, Master Planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design—ensures convenience and cohesion and well-informed end result for your property.

+ Global Reach: As global citizens, we bring real world, global design thinking to bare, with tangible and exceptional results.

+ Client-Centric Vision: We start with you, to ensuring each project delivers unparalleled value and exceeds expectations.

Upgrading portfolios + providing the highest ROI


WATG and Wimberly Interiors bring a wealth of experience in upgrading individual hotels and portfolios, providing a significant ROI for our clients, with increased RevPAR, an overall uplift in brand recognition and consistent positive guest feedback.

Our Work

Transforming Spaces, Elevating Experiences

Discover how WATG can unlock the true potential of your property, begin your value creation journey.


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