Residential Design that enriches lives through a hospitality ethos 

From the firm’s earliest days, this hospitality ethos had been applied to our residential design to cultivate an experience of ease and escape. Perfect for residents seeking everyday enrichment and a sense of ‘staycation’. Immersive design considerations provide a comfortable place to call home.

our approach

Welcoming, Warm, Memorable, and Restorative. 

We find ways to blur the lines resulting in an elevated residential design that is completely ownable and one-of-a-kind.

We prioritize the following elements that can transform residential developments into vibrant places that foster a strong sense of belonging:

A Sense of Arrival, Wellness & Enlivening the Senses, Flexible Shared Spaces, Effortless Convenience, Connection & Community, Security & Privacy.

We always focus on the client’s vision and project objectives. Our team of hospitality and residential experts provide informed insights for both business success and residents’ experience. We advise, plan and design developments that are strategically centred and operationally sound.

75% of leases are renewed when residents have a friendly connection with one of resident in their community & 90% when they have 2 or more connections.
— UDR - US Based REIT with over 50,000 residential units

Urban Residential Design

The future of urban design is centered around enhancing community involvement, prioritizing wellbeing and sustainability, and fully leveraging the unique opportunities presented by urban environments.


Residential Submarkets

We practice the art of living in every facet of our work. While our expertise spans several markets, whether they be in urban or more secluded settings. 

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Exceptional design that delivers enduring value

Above all else, it’s our clients’ vision that inspires our designs. Informed by our rich history in hospitality and deep understanding of the needs of developers, operators, and residents, we design with purpose.


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