A compelling combination

Distinct, timeless, strategically centered, and operationally sound. These qualities have been delivered consistently by WATG's global team since our inception, resulting in destinations that are famous for perpetually high performance.


Thinkers, dreamers, imaginers and artists delivering dynamic designs and brilliant solutions for world-class clients.

Enlightened by Strategy

Unique to our space, our research-led advisory and analysis team provides informed insights for business direction and guest experience, forming the foundation for design and economic success.

Making Ideas Possible

Master Planning considers the physical character of the site and its potential for positive transformation in the context of market expectations. The result is a plan that minimizes risk and optimizes long-term financial success while creating a beautiful place. With the goal of economic longevity, we provide visioning and concept development, competitive positioning and feasibility, land use and planning – all thoughtfully orchestrated with human experience at the core.

Jinshuo, WATG Architecture + Landscape

Articulating a Vision

Above all else, it’s our clients’ vision that inspires our designs. Informed by our rich history in hospitality and deep understanding of the needs of developers, operators, and guests, we design all project types with purpose—not merely to impress. From dazzling entertainment destinations to intimate boutique hotels, luxury residential to dynamic urban developments, and tall buildings to private retreats, we tell the unique stories of our clients and their communities through experiences that create lasting value.


Energizing the Spaces in Between

Transforming landscapes into imaginative, recuperative and sensory spaces designed to captivate clients, their customers, and good for communities and our planet.

Creating Aspirational Human Experiences

Wimberly Interiors is a boundless interior design firm that has broken down barriers in geography and creativity with a global network of talent and a vast understanding of cultural nuances. We delight in our craft of producing imaginative, immersive, and theatrical interiors, resulting in truly exceptional spaces that resonate with visitors and residents alike.


Hospitality is at the heart of our work, and we apply its core tenets to diverse markets.


Exceptional design that delivers enduring value

Chedi katara

Dedicated to crafting extraordinary experiences rooted in the core principles of hospitality, we continuously push the boundaries of design. Our diverse portfolio extends across the world, ranging from renowned luxury resorts to forward-thinking urban developments. We prioritize sustainability, cultural integrity, and the integration of cutting-edge technology in all our projects.

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