St. Regis Hotel and Residences, Singapore

A dynamic complex in the heart of the city attracting visitors and residents to the very best in urban architecture

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    Singapore, Asia Pacific

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    1.67 hectares, 299 keys, 173 residences

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St. Regis Hotel and Residences Singapore

Situated in Singapore’s vibrant city center, in the heart of the city’s premier shopping district, the St. Regis Residences offers a unique architectural approach that merges design innovation with cultural awareness. WATG aimed to contribute a distinct architectural presence in a competitive urban landscape, while also reflecting Singapore’s evolving status in the 21st century.

St. Regis Hotel and Residences Singapore

The Design Challenge

The project’s primary challenge was to conceive a dynamically sculptured, vibrant, and inviting city-center mixed-use complex that would not only meet but elevate Singapore’s position as a world-class destination. Moreover, the design needed to stand out in Singapore’s premier shopping district, a competitive urban landscape teeming with architectural marvels.

Conceptual Framework: The Crescent Symbol
Embodying the spirit of innovation and cultural respect, WATG incorporated the crescent symbol from Singapore’s national flag into the architectural design. This decision had a dual purpose: it paid homage to Singaporean culture while providing a unique visual element that set the project apart.

Architectural Features: A Symphony of Crescents
The complex consists of three individual buildings that are visually linked through their crescent-shaped forms and profiles. These crescents manifest in various aspects of the architecture, from the overarching silhouette of the building complex to the minutiae of the design details. The crescent shapes are not merely aesthetic additions; they serve functional roles, enhancing the flow and connectivity between the buildings and their surrounding spaces.

Material Selection: Translucent Aluminescence
WATG chose to clad the buildings in translucent glass, imparting them with a luminescent glow that adds to the vibrant atmosphere. The choice of material also enables a charismatic energy that distinguishes the St. Regis Residences amid the urban sprawl.

St. Regis Hotel and Residences Singapore

The Result

Today, the St. Regis Residences stand as an icon in Singapore’s skyline. Not only does it fulfill its role as a luxurious residential complex, but it also serves as a symbolic representation of Singapore’s cultural and modern prominence. It has successfully captured both local and international attention, contributing to the city’s reputation as a 21st-century global destination.

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