Oceanfront Residences at Sentosa Cove

A bold and contemporary residential community in a tropical setting that is a nautical reflection of its oceanfront location

oceanfront at sentosa cove
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  • Location

    Sentosa, Singapore, Asia Pacific

  • Size

    1.8 hectares
    265 condominium units
    15 stories

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Oceanfront at Sentosa Cove is a synthesis of contemporary design elements, cultural sensitivity, and a thoughtful relationship with the natural environment. Located at the edge of Singapore’s bustling urban skyline, this residential community stands as a nautical reflection of its oceanfront locale.

oceanfront at sentosa cove

Design Principles

Relationship with the Oceanfront
The oceanfront site has been utilized, not just as a backdrop, but as a living canvas that interacts with the residents. From multiple vantage points, residents can soak in a variety of vistas: the adjacent harbor, the verdant hills of Sentosa Island, and the dynamic urban skyline of downtown Singapore.

Cultural and Environmental Sensitivity
The design goes beyond the aesthetics to pay homage to the tropical maritime environment, while also incorporating elements that reflect and respect Singapore’s local culture and history. The interplay of wind, light, and water has been meticulously factored into the architecture, creating a harmonious balance with nature.

Layout and Form
The layout of the Oceanfront residences follows a gently curving line, resembling an armada of ships riding high on ocean waves. This not only gives the impression of motion but also allows for an optimal distribution of residential spaces along the axis of the peninsula. The landscape itself is contoured to mimic the wake of a ship, offering places for residents to sit, relax, and engage with their surroundings.

Sustainable Features

  • Orientation: The development faces the East, where the rising sun not only welcomes a new day but also plays a significant role in natural lighting, thereby reducing energy consumption.
  • Natural Ventilation: The architecture capitalizes on the steady winds from the ocean to facilitate natural ventilation, reducing the need for mechanical cooling systems.
  • Water Conservation: The vicinity of the ocean has been used to devise water features that are both aesthetic and functional, contributing to water conservation efforts.

Lifestyle and Amenities
Residents have the luxury to enjoy a leisurely stroll through a landscape that is as stimulating as it is serene. With the calming seas and steady winds as constants, the Oceanfront residences provide a unique blend of tranquility and dynamism, inviting residents to live a lifestyle that is as active or relaxed as they choose.

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