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Known for 78 years in the hospitality industry, we have many legacy gaming projects across the globe. Over time, we have honed our skills to design curated experiences and our dedicated teams apply commercial savvy to deliver time sensitive solutions to our clients as their trusted advisors throughout the design process.

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Great design which is operationally precise and profitable.

Unique to our space, our research-led advisory and analysis service provides detailed insights, demographics and trends for business direction and guest experience, forming the foundation for highly informed holistic design, to encourage dwell time and effective use of adjacent spaces and customer journeys – translating to informed design and ultimately economic success.

“The next generation of gamers have high expectations, and require a variety of highly refined and interactive environments. Spaces that combine gaming with entertainment, dining, spectacle, and VIP service will thrive in the future. ”
— Hussain Kamal, Creative Director, Wimberly Interiors

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+ Hospitality Advisory

+ Branding, Visual Identity & Graphics

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+ Post-Occupancy Tracking

+ Space Performance Measuring

+ Capital Expenditure Scheduling


The Integrated Resort

The Integrated Resort market has gained rapid momentum in recent years, bring a new set of players to the table. As competition increases so too does the need to evolve, innovate and differentiate. WATG has been supporting our clients’ ambitions to meet the demands of consumers creating the next unique destination that is both social and highly personalized. Some of the Integrated Resorts WATG designs include:

Peerless innovation in hospitality design. Amplifying guest experience and client prosperity with ever creative outcomes.


Integrated Resorts are increasingly looking for ways to capture a bigger slice of the premium mass segment, that is wealthy casino guests that travel independently to resorts and whom non-gaming factors can drive resort selection. In locations like Macau, premium mass reportedly equates to 30-50% of mass gaming revenue. Luxury lifestyle elements and a consider mix of amenities that appeal to both casino patrons and non-gamers alike are now mainstays of the successful IR. One-of-a-kind elements such as experiential retail, thematic dining and cutting-edge wellness concepts are increasingly used to entice guests.


Shifting aspiration has contributed to high rollers’ move away from demanding outright privacy, they want a more social approach with the option of exclusivity. On the other hand, mass market gamers – in line with broader trends – are looking for unique personal experiences.

Hyper – Personalization

Across almost every sector, consumers demand for unique and bespoke experiences is becoming more pronounced. 70% of guest in the hotel industry alone report have positive experiences with personalization. We believe this can be achieved through a combination of technology, operations, and savvy design.


Nerdy Niche to Mainstream

Esports have seen a significant growth in recent years, with a significant appeal among millennials and Zoomers. Flexibility is vital when designing esport venues, spaces need to be multi-purpose with easy conversion to other uses, maximising revenue opportunities. Synergy with the traditional gaming segment in the future with esports and fantasy betting on the rise.

Agua Caliente Spa Resort Casino, Palm Springs

Pop Culture

While the incorporation of contextual cultural elements isn’t a new trend, it is becoming increasingly nuanced. Especially in integrated resort settings. When done with well, affiliation with unique cultural references provides a recognizable touchpoint and differentiator, as well as appealing to pre-existing engaged markets.


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