23 project openings that need to be on your radar ahead of ’22

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express has debuted three new Wimberly Interiors-designed Grand Suites, including Vienna (pictured)

As we look towards the end of 2021, we are beginning to see real economic recovery around the world. People are traveling again – albeit mostly domestic for the time being – and we’re all waiting with bated breath for international borders to reopen. We have plenty to be excited for – both now and when the moment comes – with a whole host of new hotels, residences and destinations opening around the globe. Here are 23 WATG and Wimberly Interiors projects that need to be on your radar, in order of recently opened through to coming soon.

The Wimberly Interiors-designed Fairmont Taghazout, in Morocco, opened in July 2021

1. Fairmont Taghazout, Morocco
Opened July 2021

Pushing the envelope of the Moroccan coastal resort, the Wimberly Interiors-designed Fairmont Taghazout is the epitome of contemporary luxury. Drawing on its location for inspiration, design cues are taken from local textures, techniques, and artistry, and the surrounding landscape, creating an authentic layered look and feel – complete with signature Fairmont elements.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express has debuted three new Wimberly Interiors-designed Grand Suites, including Prague (pictured)

2. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express
Vienna, Prague and Budapest Grand Suites
Debuted June 2021

Three new Wimberly Interiors-designed Grand Suites will join the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express for the 2021 season. Like Paris, Venice, and Istanbul, the latest additions – Vienna, Prague, and Budapest – have been named after iconic cities the train travels to every year. From the hand-embroidered cushions to intricately carved marquetry, the suites offer an unmatchable experience with perfectly placed mosaics, silk patterns, ensuite bathrooms, double beds, and a private living area with underfloor heating.

The Viceroy Kopaonik, Serbia, is the brand’s first European debut 

3. Viceroy Kopaonik, Serbia
Opened June 2021

An alpine adventure with a contemporary west coast vibe brings luxury to the Serbian Mountains. In a National Park setting blessed with stunning vistas, the design is a vision of effortless chic and sophistication. It is a luxurious and modern environment that speaks to the Viceroy brand and guests who appreciate originality.

Designed with evolution in mind, the China 618 Chang’an sales center will one day become a resident club house

4. China 618 Chang’an sales center, Xi’an, China
Open June 2021

Located in China’s Yanta District, east of Qinglong Temple, the China 618 Chang’an sales center and, one day, residents’ clubhouse, brings that harmony to life. Grounded in fluidity, organic form and the intersection of the built and natural environments, the building’s planning, architecture and landscape by WATG, and interiors by Wimberly Interiors, converge in a celebration of tranquility, history and culture, and contemporary living. Striking yet subtle, the result is a design that respectfully integrates with its surroundings, while also evoking an immediate sense of calm and connection.

The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021

5. The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, Florida
Reopened May 2021

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island is an iconic and eternal favorite for the world’s modern luxury travelers. The property recently reopened following a full transformation of its rooms and suites, led by Wimberly Interiors, as well as its restaurants, resort experiences, and meeting and events spaces. Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking natural surrounds, the property epitomizes the classic coastal luxury vacation – with ocean views, spectacular sunsets, and an interior color palette that is rich in land-inspired neutral tones, and accented with colors of the sand, sea, Spanish moss and live oaks. Take part in a barrier island ecology field trips and personalized wellness retreats, or relax in the spa.

The Kempinski Hotel Jinan, designed by Wimberly Interiors

6. Kempinski Hotel Jinan, Shandong, China
Opened May 2021

Known as the ‘City of Springs’, Jinan is popular among visitors for its abundance of beautiful, natural artesian springs, lakes, and mountains. As the capital state of Qi Lu and the Shandong province for more than two thousand years, the location merges the charm and essence of tradition, history, and nature, whilst growing as a cosmopolitan city, cultural center, and economic hub. It is now also home to a new 300-plus-key Kempinski hotel, designed by Wimberly Interiors.

Nusr’Et Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, CA, opened in May 2021

7. Nusr’Et Steakhouse, Beverly Hills, CA
Opened May 2021

Salt Bae has arrived in Beverly Hills. Located within the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills – host to world-renowned fashion houses, one-of-kind boutiques, and some of Los Angeles’ hottest restaurants, emerges the newest restaurant for viral internet star, NusrEt Gökçe. Designed by WATG and Wimberly Interiors, this upscale, high-energy culinary destination is inspired by the local culinary scene. The restaurant’s façade on North Cañon Drive boasts a stenciled illustration of “Salt Bae” himself, along with a distinctive red door framed with Turkish tiles inspired from the chef’s homeland.

YOTEL Washington DC, which opened in February 2021, is the brand’s first-ever renovation and retrofit of an existing building

8. YOTEL Washington DC
Opened February 2021

As the brand’s first-ever renovation and a retrofit of an existing building, YOTEL entrusted Wimberly Interiors to lead a fresh fusion of new and old signature elements and innovative tech-heavy adaptable design – all within the constraints of a pre-defined space.

Designed for a wide-range of discerning DC travelers and locals – from staycationers to Gen Z, families and businesspeople – elements of YOTEL’s signature youthful, playful design and amenities were balanced with warm, whimsical touches to create a beautifully streamlined destination that appeals to everyone.

Grand Enterprise Chengdu

Chengdu GSC Grand Enterprise Shopping Center, is an urban, mixed-use development in Sichuan, China

9. Chengdu GSC Grand Enterprise Shopping Center, China
Opened May 2021

A design jewel and a significant commercial center in the “Land of Abundance” in the hub of the Sichuan province. A two-part site is linked by the elegant placement of a virtual bridge that connects the two parcels with geometric shapes. The retail mall, entertainment center, a 188-meter tower housing commercial space, and a five-star hotel form a new landmark at the gateway to the blooming Tianfu New Area. The design takes advantage of creating outdoor and recessed spaces that are both public and private. Gathering spaces for visitors where they can connect and relax, architecture that comes together and flows blending the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces. In the city, yet calm and peaceful.

10. Springwoods Ecological Tourism Town Master Plan + Palm Hotel, Heyuan City
Opened late 2020

Springwoods is both a regional solution and an alternative to city life, where everyone – regardless of whether they are a resident or a visitor – can feel like a part of the community. Founded by the legendary Chinese mobile technology pioneer and entrepreneur, Mr. Deying Guo, Springwoods Group wanted to create a resort-like community that was designed to attract guests with similar philosophies and values for appreciating nature.

11. Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida
Opened late 2020

With help from the likes of Wimberly Interiors and Kevin Barry Fine Art, Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort reopened following a refresh of its guest rooms and suites late last year. The design showcases a calm color palette featuring soft blue, grey and taupe, and includes new furnishings, lighting, and works of art.

Rissai Valley, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, China, marks the brands first all-villa resort

12. Rissai Valley, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, China
Opening soon

Ritz-Carlton’s first all-villa resort. 87 luxury villas are situated along the edge of the Tibetan Plateau with panoramic views of the beautiful snow-capped Minshan mountain range, deep woodlands, and ancient Tibetan villages. The angled shape of the villas mimics the surrounding mountain peaks and reflects the extraordinary rugged landscape. Celebrating the natural beauty and richness of the region, WATG’s design for the new destination pays homage to the local Tibetan heritage through the use of traditional building forms and locally sourced materials, and indigenous planting. Public spaces are designed with domestic scale and many lookout points, offering unmatched views and an intimate feel of exclusivity.

13. Hotel Del Coronado Phase 1, Coronado, CA
Opening soon

Wimberly Interiors was commissioned to lead a pivotal renovation for the iconic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. Built in 1888 and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1977, the Hotel Del Coronado has long served as a sought-after resort destination boasting historical architecture, coastline views, and famous clientele. Using an integrated services approach, Wimberly Interiors partnered with WATG’s architecture studio to deliver a renovation that presents a fresh take on the hotel’s Victorian legacy by expanding and brightening the lobby, introducing historically-inspired lighting and wall décor, as well as restoring the building’s white oak flooring and interiors back to its former glory.

14. The Ritz-Carlton, Amman, Jordan
Opening soon

Designed by WATG, this classically proportioned in form and detail, the design is luxurious and grand expressed through historical elements. Formal gardens and colonnades and terraces create an elegance that gives a sense of grandeur and stature. Luxurious stone, polished metals, architecture that frames the views, and shade in simple trellises and screens create a timeless statement of style. Formal yet relaxed expression is inspired by rose-toned stones and Jordan’s landscape. The design is inspired by the terrain of Jordan and deeply rooted in history also connected to the newly branded Marriott International. The neoclassical architecture of the infamous Rose City to the Citadel seen in facades and symmetry.

Four Seasons Hanoi, Vietnam, designed by WATG’s architecture and landscape architecture teams, will open later this year

15. Four Seasons Hanoi, Vietnam
Opening later this year

In the cultural and scenic hub of Hanoi in a neighborhood characteristically anchored in French colonial architecture, the design brings to life the glamour of that era. At three stories at the street side and then stepping back to seven, the architecture sits gently and respectfully with its neighbors. A uniform of columns-pilasters graces the façade with arch bays that open to a discreet entrance protected by a metal and glass canopy. The feel is of a grand private residence at the right address, offering intimacy from the bustling street life. The building setback at the fourth floor allows for large suites with roof terraces, while French wrought iron balconies adorn the seven-story façade and take in the serene lake view.

16. Dali Lippo Karawaci Luxury Resort, China
Opening later this year

In a historically rich and famous town of culture and romance, a contemporary architectural design will become a local modern highlight. The future-thinking design complements the local vernacular with the use of local stone, wood, glass, and plaster. Additionally, metal overhangs and vast windows take into account the weather and the panorama of Dali. Dali stone is a renowned local export and is therefore employed throughout the design aesthetics to capture the essence of the destination. An observation tower will lift visitors up to experience the view from the mountains to the valley. Dali’s rich architectural history is realized in the design with the use of bridges for small creeks and rapids. A modern interpretation of this is realized in the lobby building as part of the guest journey. The master planning incorporates and complements the natural meandering of stony creeks, surrounding natural forest, and lush tea gardens. These characteristics support the sense of wellness and serenity in the design.

17. Eighteen, Islamabad, Pakistan
Opening later this year

Classic, contemporary, fresh and new. Blurring the boundaries between inside and out, Eighteen Golf Clubhouse, Islamabad redefines the traditional golf experience with its distinctly international architecture and design, world-class amenities, and vibrant atmosphere. Symbolizing new beginnings and fresh energy, accents of the brand’s signature color – green – are used throughout, complemented by luxury finishes that marry the architecture and interiors: stone, brass, tempered glass, meticulous craftsmanship, and extreme attention to detail.

Designed with the most discerning of guests in mind, but with something for everyone, the Club’s two wings – Sunrise and Sunset – differentiate between public and private, yet communicate a consistent visual language throughout, setting the tone for a truly next level, new experience.

18. Le Parc at Thamrin Nine, Jakarta, Indonesia
Opening later this year

Strategically located in Thamrin, Jakarta’s most prestigious central business district, Thamrin Nine is a groundbreaking 570,000 SQM mixed-use development that includes retail, sports, entertainment, hospitality, and residential in a fully integrated urban environment. WATG’s Singapore team led the design for the luxury residences at Le Parc which features The Mansion – inspired by the glory of Old Batavia featuring local stone, tile, and iron that exude a sense of permanence and dignity. The Townhomes – multi-level modern, yet casual residences for families and The Terraces which combine state-of-the-art green building principles with a design that blends the indoors with the outdoors.

The JW Marriott Jeju Hot Springs Resort, will open in Jeju, South Korea, later this year

19. JW Marriott Jeju Hot Springs Resort, Jeju, South Korea
Opening later this year

Incorporating key aspects of Jeju’s culture, the design narrative is an abstract representation of the island’s indigenous Chogo architecture. The traditional curved roof has been reversed, expressing the patterned lattice on the underside of the structure. Low visual-impact greenery was introduced to the roof planes to mitigate heat gain and optimize views of Jeju island’s picturesque coastline. Echoing the island’s traditional volcanic stone and slate architecture, the design utilizes Jeju lava rock and a porous building technique to create a dynamic pattern of solid and void.

20. Hilton Tahiti, French Polynesia
Opening later this year

The Hilton Tahiti, located in French Polynesia’s capital of Pape’ete, will reopen in November this year following an extensive refurbishment. Described as a ‘French Polynesian feeling with a modern twist,’ the property’s public spaces were renovated by Wimberly Interiors, reimagining the lobby arrival experience, casual marketplace, three restaurants, and a terrace bar. The vast outdoor pool and landscaped spaces were designed by WATG.

21. ZED at El Sheikh Zayed, Cairo
Opening later this year

Located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed in west Cairo, ZED is a high-energy urban mixed-use development with luxury, lifestyle, and community at its core. Centered around an expansive 23-hectare urban oasis, the site – which features over 4,500 apartments, 60,000+ sqm of retail, 30,000+ sqm of offices, and a hotel – is pedestrian-friendly, car-free, and offers state-of-the-art amenities including a sports academy and accompanying minor league football team.

22. Green Ocean Bay, Zhuhai, China
Villas opened in 2020; apartment towers under construction

Sinuous curves and Chinese symbolism converge in the design of this mixed-use project on the coast of Zhuhai. Sculptural towers and villas sit in palm-filled gardens, and semi-public spaces invite residents and guests to stroll, shop, and relax by the sea. The orientation of the apartments and townhouses ensures that all rooms enjoy a direct view of the sea.

23. Four Seasons Cartagena, Colombia
Opening 2022

WATG was commissioned to develop a renovation design for this elegant five-star hotel. Comprising four historically significant buildings dating back as early as 1918, Four Seasons Cartagena will be an adaptive reuse project that fully celebrates the local lifestyle and history of the region. The local government required that the majority of existing buildings be restored into courtyards and gathering areas, which WATG designed each with their own unique ambiance characteristic of Cartagena. A unique design challenge was the requirement by the local historical preservation authorities to preserve the original uses of select rooms of existing buildings, including ballrooms, feature courtyards, guest quarters, and the chapel.

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