Four Seasons Hotel, Hanoi

Elegant design in Hanoi’s historic district brings grand luxury to town overlooking the tranquil Hoan Kiem Lake


Hanoi, Vietnam


31,500 square meter site
95 keys


In the cultural and scenic hub of Hanoi in a neighborhood characteristically anchored in French colonial architecture, the design brings to life the glamour of that era. At three stories at street side and then stepping back to seven, the architecture sits gently and respectfully with its neighbors.

A uniform of columns-pilasters grace the façade with arch bays which open to a discreet entrance protected by a metal and glass canopy. The feel is of a grand private residence at the right address, offering intimacy from the bustling street life.

Four Seasons - Hanoi, Vietnam - WATG- View night

The setback of the seven stories allows for terraces to suites and French wrought iron balconies to guest rooms which take in the serene lake view. Adding to the charm in the design are the top floor rooms with dormer windows to the slate-stone mansard roof.

Four Seasons - Hanoi, Vietnam - WATG- aerial night

The romantic and dramatic guest journey is to the top of the hotel with its incredible views. Lifted up and out of the hum of the city below, pavilions, terraces and gardens are designed to offer a haven and retreat making the rooftop a destination in itself.