Grand Enterprise Chengdu

A design jewel and a significant commercial center in the “Land of Abundance” in the hub of the Sichuan province


Chengdu, China


40,800 square meter site


Grand Enterprise Chengdu China WATG 2

A two-part site is linked by the elegant placement of a virtual bridge that connects the two parcels with geometric shapes. Retail mall, entertainment center, a 188-meter tower housing commercial space and a five-star hotel form a new landmark at the gateway to the blooming Tianfu New Area.

Grand Enterprise Chengdu China WATG 3

The design takes advantage of creating outdoor and recessed spaces that are both public and private. Gathering spaces for visitors where they can connect and relax, architecture that comes together and flows blending the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces. In the city, yet calm and peaceful.

Grand Enterprise Chengdu China WATG 1

A design concept that has an interplay of solid mass and light glass volumes. The heavy and light of void and mass, public and private, office and hotel are all met in a way that participants will find a respite from the busy city and experience enriching interaction.

Centered on the thought of light and earth, the beige and dark gray solid mass of the building is lifted from the ground making it float above the clear glass. The vibrant and bold design creates drama and a dramatic impression on business visitors, locals, and travelers alike.