Senior Living Community

A vision of the future which positively reimagines the later living experience




500,000 square meters

CITIC Chongming Island Senior Living was conceived and designed to celebrate the golden years for inhabitants. 

Chongming Island is an ideal location for senior living with its location near Shanghai, its inherent qualities of fertile land and fresh air, and its ambitions to be a sustainable and ecological island. Promoting self-sustainability is the essence of our design which aims to cultivate a strong sense of community, encourage the proliferation of new ideas, incorporate the profusion of art and culture, and increase in overall wellbeing. 

The primary objective of the masterplan is to create a community where seniors can give and receive support from others. Our gesture to achieve this was by designing a wide landscaped boulevard connecting all areas of the site that encourages social interaction, outdoor recreation and serves as the main course of transport through the community.  

Nodes for activities were established: the Village Center, the Wellness Zone, the Neighborhood Garden and Specialty Restaurant, and finally the Artist’s District. A comprehensive suite of dining, entertainment, spas, hotels and business facilities are offered, including an on-site art gallery for inhabitants looking to properly store and display their prized art collections. It is in these places where residents reap the benefits of life in this community such as pursuing an existing interest, learning a new passion, staying healthy, enjoying fresh food and having loved ones stay close by when they visit. 

The Medical Center and Residential Neighborhoods, each with their own identity, branch out from these nodes to complete the composition of the masterplan. Sensitivity to the specific set of requirements for senior living was also exercised at every point, such as accessibility to medical facilities, placement of ramps and elimination of stairs for flexibility and independence in mobility. 

The architectural character was inspired by traditional Chinese forms while adopting a more contemporary direction with the incorporation of larger glass windows, generous skylights, delicate screens, and green roof terraces. Contemporary façade materials had been applied to the larger volumes in the public buildings’ areas. Sophisticated building geometries that reflect the technology of our time were also created. By bridging the traditional with the new, WATG developed an architecture that respects the past while looking towards the future, capturing the spirit of this community. 

CITIC Chongming Island Senior Living offers a luxurious resort-style living for inhabitants to feel nourished through human interaction and cultural diversity, and serves as a place to age with grace and pleasure.