Rosewood Tanah Lot

Inspired by a previous civilization located on the site, something bold, elegant and contemporary emerges on the landscape


Bali, Indonesia


80 hotel suites
40 hotel villas
20 residential villas


Rosewood Tanah Lot - Bali Indonesia WATG Beach Tall

Authenticity is essential to connect a resort to the destination. Local villages and the cultural layers of Bali are considered in the design which is both contemporary and timeless in true Rosewood style.

Rosewood Tanah Lot - Bali Indonesia WATG Beach Tall

A deep look at the site’s remaining celebratory structures and decorations as well as the remaining outlines of palatial courtyards and walls provided the opportunity to respect the past while inspiring the idea of the existence of an ancient civilization.

The ancient dark stone geometry was laid out to create new formal axes linking a series of new pavilions. With respect to the geology the vegetation adds layers of privacy and defines access to the architecture.

The guest accommodations and residences have been woven around a specific composition. Some carved out of bedrock, some elevated toward the sky, but all oriented to the river and wide ocean view.