Phu Quoc Island

Realising a Master Planning design solution to evolve Phu Quoc Island as a world-class, eco-tourist destination with sensitivity and ambition

Phu Quoc Island Vietnam WATG 1


Phu Quoc, Vietnam


562 square kilometers


The challenge met to create a grand master plan for 2030 that establishes broad design guidelines for all future development on the island. The concepts allowing for an integrated approach and methodology with careful consideration to the exceptionally sensitive eco planning and the regions recognized global biosphere reserve on the UNESCO list.

Phu Quoc Island Vietnam WATG Flyover

Understanding Vietnam’s ambition for Phu Quoc Island and its intention to make it a star on the world travel destination map. Master Planning design that has eco-tourism at the heart with an understanding of the infrastructure needed to support it successfully.

Phu Quoc Island Vietnam WATG Main

Concepts that incorporate three main towns with distinct characteristics and different purposes that also define their various uses; commercial, residential, mixed use, tourism and preservation of nature. Duong Dong as a capital and administrative center, An Thoi as the main port and heart, and Bio-polis a center of research and education.

Known for its palm fringed white sand beaches and mountains, tropical jungle and hiking trails of the National Park, it’s a destination rapidly morphing into a must see destination. The Master Planning sensitively designs a future vision for how this can be realized successfully and with great care for the environment and people of Vietnam.