Park Hyatt Bodrum

Elegant pavilions cascade gently down a pine forested hill integrating seamlessly into the natural context


Bodrum, Turkey


20,500 square meter site
150 keys


Type / Status

Golf, Hotel, Lifestyle, On The Boards, Wellness + Spa

New Build / Designed

The design story is a discovery of a lost hillside village in the pine forests of Vita Park. The concept uses the spirit of the forest and the stunning vistas to give their cue to the dynamic and clean architecture blending seamlessly into the environment.

Every tree has been respected and been incorporated into the green courtyard design and organizing of spaces. The buildings are small in volume and sweep gently down the hill on landscaped terraces maximize the panoramic views.

Nature is at the heart of the design with circulation paths that traverse down the hill in a series of wooden and stone steps past falling brooks. It’s this essence of integration with nature that is at the heart of keeping this place unique and credible.

The natural tones of the earth and the rich stone palette inspire the character of the hotel. Narrow shaded stone streets and rooftop vistas mimic the ancient villages and fortresses and give a sense of place and time.