Longgang Industrial Park

A new urban destination designed to bring the community together to share work, life, and entertainment

The design concept draws from the genetic creation of life and the parallel of the city as an electronic circuit board. It seeks to create a central place that is a unique sustainable urban destination for the community.

A campus as a shared space in which the office, retail, and residential buildings screen the inner sanctum of green space from the busy perimeter roads. The design is a distinct and different at the heart of a Hi-Tech Park.

The central park is an open green landscaped area centered on the Creative Cloud for ideas, meetings, and performances. Densely planted with trees, bamboo, lawn areas, water fountains and seating for cafes and restaurants with the human experience in mind.

A ring sky park links all the surrounding buildings providing breathtaking panoramas as a duplication of the park below that form the heart of this futuristic concept.