Wimberly Interiors Projects

JW Marriott Casablanca

Here’s looking at you JW Marriott Casablanca, with your dramatic grandeur, comfort and unashamed luxury


Casablanca, Morocco


330 Keys

With the wide array of spaces that change character and scale in different parts of the tower, contemporary finishes of vertical timber slats, bronze and copper cladding, etched motifs and elegant patterns are used to complement the architectural geometry.

Both fresh and contemporary, the design takes note of the meeting of luxury and business in the calm use of restful materials that run the gamut of masculine to soothing and au courant.

You know you’re in Morocco as guests experience the Arabic geometric patterns that are subtly interwoven in the fabrics of pillows and upholstery. A warm ambiance and mood is created as well as a touch of glamour in black and white marble floors.

Rooftop design creates a guest destination with comfortably furnished seating groups that invite social interaction and champions the views. The spa is a sanctuary inspired by the Moroccan rose festival, elegant and beautifully conceived.