Hard Rock Hotel, Los Cabos

The rhythm and energy of a global brand injected with the spirit of Mexico comes alive in a dynamically designed beachfront location

Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos outdoor terrace


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


650 keys
11 unique restaurants

The resort road is strategically designed to maximize the first glimpse of the stunning beachfront location, creating anticipation and excitement for the guest arrival. Guest wings are strategically angled to offer the best ocean views.


Event function lawns are carefully positioned and designed to augment their purpose and views while not impeding on the beachfront experience of other guests. What is realized in the architectural and landscape design is a visual movement that is both contemporary and unique to Hard Rock.

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Multiple swimming pools speak to the rhythm of the guest mood offering them different experiences, views and auras, just as music adjusts our frame of mind. Design that captures the unmistakable hip and relaxed Hard Rock vibe.

Some pool decks emulate music venues with open spaces to party and VIP-room like cabanas allowing for prestige and privacy, while others offer quiet places to chill out. Everything is inspired by the crashing waves of the Pacific and the vibrant sound waves of the music that defines the brand.