Great Khingan Forest Reserve

Dynamic concept master planning in a unique nature destination designed to deliver an authentic Mongolian experience

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Yakeshi City, China


20 suites hunting lodge
Ten luxury cottages
18-hole golf course
100 apartments in golf village
50 townhomes in golf village
150 villas in golf village
20 luxury nomadic yurt tents
80 key boutique hotel
40 branded residences

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Detailed research and strategy work for the client developed a market driven four phase concept that would ultimately be financially viable. A hunting and shooting lodge, family resort zone and village, golf, and related real estate and finally a resort expansion.

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This unique nature destination includes skiing, hunting, golf, and shooting facilities nestled amongst natural birch forests, this alongside the rolling hills and hot springs delivers a credible local experience.

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With consideration for the community, the master plan fuses innovative architecture combining the best of the old traditions, with a contemporary twist. The Landscape strategy was designed to incorporate organic agricultural activities.

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A care for people and places with an approach to strategy and planning through green building technologies and the development of a sustainable environment throughout. The creation of a dynamic four season destination that showcases Mongolian culture and hospitality.