Goodwin Procter Offices

Innovative office design that redefines the work experience, energizing communication and inspiring success

Goodwin Procter Offices - WATG main


London, United Kingdom


86,616 square feet site
32 single offices
13 double offices



Goodwin Procter Offices - WATG scultpure and view

Three “civic” open spaces on each floor have been designed to identify with iconic London landmark buildings; St Paul’s, Guildhall and The Bank of England. A move away from the traditional perimeter office model allows light to penetrate, alleviating the sense of containment.

Goodwin Procter Offices - WATG walkway

Understanding the client’s desired open-door policy led to a design of offices that are quiet and private but unclosed, with places created to concentrate and think while achieving confidentiality. Proximity, circulation and breathing spaces that interconnect and still allow natural daylight.

In a step away from a heavy and potentially dark legal vernacular, the design is lighter and more elegant with the use of limestone, walnut, bronze, and anodized aluminum. The result is fresher and naturally contributes to the mood.

Clever design increases floor occupancy and contributes to the bottom line. Additionally the environment maximizes the views, and draws an abundance of natural light ensuring a quality space that naturally builds on productivity and well-being.