Four Seasons Resort and Residences Goa

A stately and inspirational Goan residence of unique yet authentic luxury where the Tiracol River meets the Arabian Sea


Goa, India


125 keys
60 villas


Four Seasons Golf Resort Residences - Goa India - WATG -Exterior 1

A distinctly local flavor in architecture you hope for in a visit to Goa designed to attract erudite travelers from around the world to experience beauty, relaxation and Indian hospitality. A quintessential local design story that anchors the architectural theme throughout.

Four Seasons Golf Resort Residences - Goa India - WATG - guest house

With respect to a time without villas, pools, restaurants and meeting rooms, the architecture embraces a serene chapter in life through its natural landscape. Perched on a cliff and a rocky shoreline, the inspiration in the design is to build memories and evoke the essence of Goa.

With careful adherence Vatsu Shastra, architecture is precisely position to respect the culture as well as the expansive sea views. The patterns of traditional homes are reflected in the design to evoke the local culture and character of Goan life.

Four Seasons Golf Resort Residences - Goa India - WATG -Aerial

Design details celebrate the history of Goa through Colonial Portuguese structure and contemporary form. The approach creates a resort that offers a guest journey that hints at local pride and a credible immersion in this exotic destination.