Wimberly Interiors Projects

Fairmont, Washington

Power, prestige, intrigue, and eclecticism realized in a tailored international address befitting the nation’s capital


Washington, DC, USA


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Inspiration is drawn from the city with the design conveying a sense of politics and power. It is both modern and classical reflecting the diversity, heritage and international aspect of the location. The sense of a bespoke suit, immaculate with a hint of personality in the lining coveys a sense of order and scandal with great subtlety.

A way of living and working that is evolving daily is reflected in the rooms featuring a chaise and a round table that can double as a dining area or work space. There is a perfect balance between masculine and feminine design with a residential feel that invites anyone to operate at their best.

Carpets and fabrics in classical patterns that also have a new contemporary twist with fresh color that is current. A nail headed chair and a tufted headboard say tasteful modern residence that feels calm, inviting, and somewhere to call home.

Art work provides soul to a building, and an eye to the location. The carefully selected art collection is inspired by history, power and money. It is unique and speaks directly but quietly to guests in a way that is a narrative of the importance and influence of Washington DC.