Wimberly Interiors Projects

Corinthia Abuja

Exclusivity and luxury defined by a fresh and contemporary design, creating a private international retreat for great minds to meet


Abuja, Nigeria


22,797 Square Meter Site
148 Keys
Seven Floors

Arrival sets the tone with plenty of light to illuminate a space that is opulent while modern that subtly incorporates the fine details of local culture alongside contemporary art and sculpture. The symbolism of the Aso Rock, an intrinsic part of local geology, is beautifully referenced in the material palette of black granite, quartz, copper sulphide, chrome and gold.

An imposing and grand sweeping staircase anchors the lobby and invites guests on a journey to the dining experiences of The Grill and Asovu. The former connected in design to Gbagyi Pottery, and the latter Batik, both linking guest experiences to the soul of Africa. Latticed woodwork patterns, vibrant fabrics and upholstery, a vision in exquisite detail.

The Blues Bar is a design inspired by the celebrated African American singers in the world of blues and jazz and the local Gbagyi Tribe whose tribal dress color is blue. An ultra-stylish space that will become a gathering point for relaxation, entertainment, and convivial privacy. A social destination in its own right.

With a lounge reminiscent of a British drawing room, and bedrooms and suites you might find in the most discreet and glamorous homes of the most successful people in London or New York. Bookcases, display cabinets, chests and art work are carefully curated to create and ambience and guest experience that invites guests to feel luxuriously at home.