Corinthia Abuja

Exclusivity and luxury defined by a fresh and contemporary design create a private international retreat for great minds to meet

Corinthia Abuja - WATG - Exterior


Abuja, Nigeria


22,797 square meter site
Seven floors

Corinthia Abuja - WATG - Exterior 2

With iconic design that stands out on the evolving skyline of Abuja, the dynamic roof canopy serves as both a strong visual feature and provides shade to the dining terrace. Unobstructed views abound in the compelling design that is timeless and ensures longevity.

Corinthia Abuja - WATG - Entry

Arrival sets the tone with plenty of light to illuminate a space that is opulent while modern, subtly incorporating local culture alongside contemporary art and sculpture. An imposing and grand staircase creates grandeur and anchors the lobby.

Corinthia Abuja - WATG - MAIN LOBBY

With a lounge reminiscent of a British drawing room, and bedrooms and suites you might find in the most discreet and glamorous homes of the most successful people in London or New York. Bookcases, display cabinets, and art work are carefully curated to create ambience that invites guests to feel luxuriously at home.

The Blues Bar is inspired by the celebrated African American singers in the world of blues and jazz and the local Gbagyi Tribe whose tribal dress color is blue. The design targets ministers and diplomats in search of an exclusive and private urban retreat.

Corinthia Abuja - WATG - Spa