Belmond Reid's Palace

Embracing the history of a legendary hotel’s charm and location; reinvigorating it’s glamour for now and the future


Madeira, Portugal



Belmond Reids Palace - Portugal - WATG - POOL RESTAURANT_01

Design focused on acknowledgement of the hotel’s history realized with interior enhancements that sympathetically and skillfully remain in touch with its provenance. A truly authentic Madeiran experience of luxury hospitality.

Belmond Reids Palace - Portugal - WATG - MEETING ROOM

Nestled dramatically in subtropical gardens overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the intent was to create and build on the timeless glamour with subtle opulence. A complete connection visual connection to the color of the views and lush gardens.

Belmond Reids Palace - Portugal - WATG - POOL RESTAURANT_02

Always with a sense of place, the design focuses on the unique building and location that is distinctly Madeira. Every touch point a tactile experience that is created to create sensory and inspired guest memories.

Framed views, a new centralized lobby, walls adorned with curated black and white photography from the hotel archive, all become part of the sensory guest journey through the hotel adding to the allure and magnetism of this iconic hotel.