Batu Bay

A stunning cutting edge contemporary design resides with stealth and beauty in a powerful desert landscape


Batu Bay, Inner Mongolia


22,000 square meter site
20 keys
40 villas

Banyan Tree Batu Bay Courtyard WATG

Futuristic architecture adapted from traditional desert fort structures jut out from the peninsula punctuated by massive adobe walls and deep cooling shadows. Inside soaring angular ceilings draw sunlight inside from above lighting elegant interiors.

Banyan Tree Batu Bay Aerial WATG

Taking full advantage of the site alongside the beautiful Batu Wan, the architecture embraces the surrounding landscape and maximizes expansive and unobstructed views. With the ever changing seasons, the guest journey draws visitors down lit pathways to the lake shoreline and decks suspended above the water.

Banyan Tree Batu Bay Pool WATG

Natural stone abounds in unique features which champion the majestic outdoors, with fire pits, rooftop vantage points for sunsets and open bathing experiences with lush landscape views. The Grand Piazza is intersected artistically by water and capturing the sunlight in a golden sliver.

Banyan Tree Batu Bay Aerial Property WATG

A seamless modern and ancient intersection of design that offers sanctuary, shelter from the elements, and visual journeys that provide a human experience that flows naturally and deftly from inside to outside throughout.