Al Hafa Waterfront

Reconnecting Salalah to the ocean on a magnificent stretch of pristine beach that captures the imagination

Al Hafa Waterfront - Salalah, Oman - WATG Aerial


Salalah, Oman


68.2 hectares
470 key hotel
117,500 square meter Heritage Village
33,400 square meter residences
32,000 square meter office development
30,400 square meter retail
9,200 square meter new souq


Al Hafa Waterfront - Salalah, Oman - WATG Park View

The design preserves and enhances the unique location, being mindful of beachfront, rich farmlands, and mountains to the north that serve the geological formation. It is a place conceived to create a vibrant and active life and with continued development in mind.

Conservation and restoration showcases local craftsmanship, traditional architectural detail, and embraces the maritime significance with a global eye to the future. Diversity of design and planning encourage and nurture family and social gatherings and a spirit of community.

Al Hafa Waterfront - Salalah, Oman - WATG Heritage_Village

A Heritage Village is carefully designed to maintain a strong a sense of place. It showcases cultural and maritime history, connects to the public, and celebrates the extraordinary location.

Health and well-being, active recreation, and a sense of civic pride is brought to life through the design of parks and public spaces that are created to be enjoyed year round. Informality and promenade bring people to an extraordinary beach on the Arabian Peninsula.

Al Hafa Waterfront - Salalah, Oman - WATG Plan Illustrative