Embrace the environment,
script the journey.

The design makes it spectacular. Landscape Architecture makes it unforgettable.

We bridge the built environment with the natural one.

To enhance the intrinsic splendor of a property, we allow the land to speak to us—revealing its innate beauty so that we can craft a compelling journey for guests. We take special care to create sustainable landscapes that respect the land and reflect the natural magic of their surroundings. Lush urban streetscapes that clean the air we breathe, vibrant playgrounds and plazas, serene swimming pools, and meandering resort gardens tie the built environment to the natural one, bringing forth new life and new revenue streams. With every project, we take into consideration the development goals, challenges, and opportunities in order to deliver a holistic, emotionally-intelligent, and culturally-relevant design.

WATG’s Landscape Architecture case studies showcase our newest and most innovative projects from around the world.

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Why Choose Us

Rooted in a legacy of hospitality, we bring a theatrical eye to every project and orchestrate unforgettable experiences through a blend of art, science, and strategic design. We approach each site thoughtfully—walking every inch to unearth the magic unique to the land, revealing its best angles and views at every time of day, across all seasons. With respect for native biodiversity and cultural responsibility, we deliver stunning and versatile environments to maximize revenue for our clients and deliver extraordinary experiences for their guests.

Where We Shine


Resorts, by definition, are destinations that showcase the beauty of their environment. We understand the power that an incredible resort landscape can provide and are adept at harnessing that essence to deliver an unforgettable experience for visitors, and a strategic design that maximizes revenue for owners. Flexible event spaces, thoughtful pool and cabana designs, and surprising combinations of the interior and exterior worlds are hallmarks of our landscape architecture approach—and the details that make a resort as remarkable as it is profitable.


We design intuitive public spaces that look as beautiful they feel, embracing the environment and scripting the journey along the way. With respect to the needs of the space, we incorporate nature, seating, and inhabitable sculpture into our urban and mixed-use projects, creating an oasis in the public realm where people want to spend time. The end result is more foot traffic, more passersby, more engagement, more civic pride, more revenue, and hopefully more play.


Over time, even the most spectacular spaces require care and attention—properties need updates and goals change. We can help to reshape the environment in order to revitalize revenue and the guest experience. We evaluate outdoor spaces to determine their most effective and efficient use—from updating fixtures, furniture, equipment, and plant pallets, to creating versatile event and leisure spaces, for all seasons. At WATG, we specialize in delivering successful, bespoke solutions that are genuine and unique.

Our people

Comprised of more than 40 full-time landscape architects representing 20 nationalities and a global network of localized partners, there are few places our team hasn’t ventured. WATG’s Landscape studios in Irvine, London, Singapore, and Honolulu are helmed by our acutely experienced senior leadership team who have built their careers on lifelong passions for preserving, exploring and enjoying the land.



When it comes to landscape design, it’s the experience that is at the forefront of our minds. It’s not about it just looking great, it’s about creating spaces for all kinds of different people and with future generations in mind.



In keeping with the evolving tastes and needs of today’s contemporary traveler, resorts must keep up with the desire for unique, fresh and authentic experiences.


Featured Landscape Projects

Case Studies

WATG’s Landscape Architecture case studies showcase our newest and most innovative projects from around the world.

Parklinks, Manilla, Philippines
Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, Mexico

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