Our global collaborative studio approach integrates strategy, master planning, landscape, architecture and interior design. The seamless coordination of project management across all disciplines is the perfect design solution.

Our creative collaborative studio approach integrates master planning, landscapes, architecture and interior design, bringing a flair and freshness to the design process. We create cool, distinctive, boutique, contemporary and hi-rise destinations at the forefront of the newest trends in urban and boutique developments.

Working in an integrated practice

Our dedicated design leaders, supported by discipline specialists and studio teams in WATG’s global network, free our clients from the pressures of sourcing, retaining and managing multiple consultants. Thus, together with our clients we can focus on the intention of our projects and the macro and micro details that complete the story.

Our disciplines speak to each other

With traditional limitations removed, our team implements our vision for each phase at the precise moment it is needed. Moreover, we co-ordinate the complex processes of appointments, accounting and management for the life of the development project, which helps to compress the time factor.