Trends and topics for the year ahead (2019)

By WATG Strategy
December 14, 2018

This complimentary paper was compiled by WATG Strategy. We offer clients research-led development advice, concept definition and financial feasibility to help simplify the complexities of resort development. We also produce white papers exploring trends and characteristics of sub-sectors of the hospitality and real estate industries.

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As another year ends, and 2019 beckons, many wonder what’s install for the year ahead. With the increase in consumers exploring the globe and seeking independence, as well as the growing awareness and concern for the environmental impact our actions, the hospitality and travel sectors will see a movement towards an experience centered design.

WATG’s report, ‘Trends and Topics for the Year Ahead (2019)’ shares the top trends in the hospitality and travel sectors, that will be shaping the year ahead.

Highlights include:

  • Women-only journeys
  • Voluntourism
  • The return of ‘Slow Travel’
  • Hyper-personalisation

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