It’s not blue, it’s not green — it’s teal


London, November 2017

The hue we associate most with the Eighties and Nineties is back in.

The new BBC adaptation of EM Forster’s Howards End has been a hot topic this week, but for those with a keen eye for interiors it is the luscious teal walls of the Schlegel house that have been the talking point.

Designers say that this jewel tone is enjoying a renaissance, in part because of the so-called “neo-nostalgia” movement sweeping through the interiors world: a host of retro colours, products and prints, particularly from the Eighties and Nineties, are back in vogue. “Until recently, whenever the word ‘teal’ was mentioned it evoked memories of shoulder pads, Windows 95 and The Golden Girls, but the generation-defining hue is back and has reached a new level of popularity,” says Rachel Johnson, the studio director of Wimberly Interiors.

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