4 train journeys that are posher than a 5-star hotel


London, October 2017

Someone is going to pop their clogs on the Orient Express. Well, that’s Agatha Christie for you – and how better to celebrate next month’s Hollywood remake of Murder on the Orient Express than with a jaunt on the actual Orient Express? Book for next March, when they will be unveiling three grand suites on the classic journey from London to Venice. The train’s first ever ensuite cabins (no more loo-sharing with Poirot) are named after its most famous destinations. Rachel Johnson (no, not that one), of Wimberly Interiors, is the brains behind the designs, and she has attributed a style to each one – elegance for Paris, grandeur for Venice and opulence for Istanbul. All three will be resplendent with the train’s art-deco signature style, as well as original polished-brass hardware, pedigree Lalique and Murano glass all over the place. Sell a kidney now for a reservation.

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