Seamless Journeys and Integrated Spaces

June 17, 2024

Park Hyatt Aviara courtyard night

Park Hyatt Aviara – Architecture, Landscape, Wimberly Interiors

Our clients gain an even greater advantage when they hire multiple WATG service lines to work together: advisory, master planning, architecture, Wimberly Interiors, landscape architecture. Through our multidisciplinary approach, the result is a more successful and holistic guest experience that’s been considered all the way through.

“Clients often come to us for two things: solving problems, and bringing our ideas. They recognize our expertise, experience and reputation, and look to us to help them achieve their goals. They know our work is much more than simply figuring out a project’s basic mechanics. Our work elevates their property to something special and unique.” – Lance Walker

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A Seamless Customer Journey

“Working together from the start of a project empowers us to present the customer journey, not service line by service line, but as a single story about the way architecture, interiors and landscape are thoughtfully orchestrated. We can demonstrate how the customer experiences a place seamlessly, inside and out, because we’ve built the design narrative as an integrated team.” – Erin Nichols

When we kicked off work on the new Hilton Okinawa Miyako Island Resort, for example, our architects, interior designers and landscape architects met with the client and walked the site. As we felt the sand between our toes and found seashells, we were envisioning together what was possible on this beautiful beachfront site and finding inspiration that ultimately informed the complete design narrative.

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Integrated Spaces

Working together enables continuity in our design process. Our day-to-day interactions facilitate problem solving as we think about the seamless experience from a whole property perspective. Indoor and outdoor spaces, for example, which are so critical to integrate, can flow together as our interior designers and landscape architects work side-by-side. The design palette is developed collaboratively, resulting in spaces that are properly scaled and thoughtfully furnished. The Four Seasons Private Residences Las Vegas, currently under construction in Henderson, Nevada, illustrates this well with its refined public areas and the seamless transition of colors, materials, and textures from the interiors to the pool decks and other outdoor spaces.

Park Hyatt Aviara, in Carlsbad, California is another example of a project where WATG’s architects and landscape architects and Wimberly Interiors designers all worked well together. As this renovation project unfolded, and the client sought to understand what investments would generate the greatest returns, we were creating and presenting designs together. The cohesive vision and seamless design were apparent throughout the process, and the result was transformative for the client. Our team’s integrated solution not only elevated the property’s design by merging indoor and outdoor spaces and connecting nature, art and architecture. But, by applying multiple perspectives to the resort’s operations, we were also able to create new revenue drivers for the client, including a new outdoor event space that flows seamlessly with the indoor bars and lounges and other public spaces.

A seamless transition of colors, materials, and textures from interiors to outdoor spaces.
Park Hyatt Aviara lobby

Park Hyatt Aviara – Architecture, Landscape, Wimberly Interiors

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Design Process Efficiency

In addition to a project’s long-term ROI, there are cost savings to this approach too. When architects and interior designers are working together from the start, there are fewer late-game design changes. And, especially critical when project timelines are tight, there’s greater efficiency as challenges can be uncovered and solved by teammates working side-by-side. The lexicon of landscape architects and interior designers might be slightly different, our narratives of color, material and form, but in the end, we speak the same language, so the earlier we connect, the more beneficial it is for the client.

Jinshuo Hotel + Resort. Integrated design.

Jinshuo Hotel + Resort – Architecture, Landscape, Wimberly Interiors

We’ve built great relationships after years of rolling up our sleeves together, sharing knowledge and bonding over the blood, sweat and tears we put into our projects.

These benefits of working across multiple disciplines don’t arrive overnight. After all, even when we’re teaming up with outside consultants, we’re always collaborating with other service lines. But internally, our teams enjoy the great working relationships we’ve developed after years of rolling up our sleeves together, sharing knowledge and ideas and bonding over the blood, sweat and tears we put into our projects. We lean on each other and learn from each other, reaching a comfort level that helps us push each other. And we’ve proven to each other that we’re all willing to work hard and deliver exceptional results for our clients, so we’ve built trust and respect that’s both fulfilling and fun. Our clients gain tremendous value from this internal culture of collaboration. But we gain too, because we know we’re part of a strong, supportive team.

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