Mont Choisy Freshwater Lagoon Pool

May 23, 2024

mont choisy freshwater pool

Revolutionizing Resort Amenities with Sustainability

Mont Choisy La Réserve is located in the picturesque Grand Baie area of Mauritius, which is characterized by a warm, tropical climate, limited water resources, abundant and rapid biological growth potential. WATG’s Landscape Architecture team is working with EcoPools taking a transformative approach to swimming pool technology with the implementation of the freshwater pool. This innovation enhances the resort’s recreational facilities while emphasizing ecological preservation—an essential endeavor in a region characterized by a warm tropical climate, limited freshwater resources, and high potential for biological growth.

Mont Choisy


Adapting Freshwater Pool Technology for the Tropics

The development of the freshwater pool is strategically engineered to thrive in tropical environments, effectively mitigating prevalent issues such as algae blooms. Algae growth is contingent upon several factors—water, light, dissolved carbon dioxide, and nutrients. Limiting any of these elements can inhibit algae proliferation. Given that light, gases, and water are inevitable in outdoor pools, controlling nutrients becomes the primary focus. This is precisely the role of biological water filtration. The advantage of this filtration method is the consistently high quality of the water; it remains fresh, clear, and so pure it’s drinkable. Moreover, the technology employed is not solely reliant on biological nutrient control but is a hybrid system that capitalizes on the warm tropical climate of the Grand Baie area, turning potential environmental challenges into advantages.

The system includes:

+ Mechanical Filtration: Utilizes skimmers and pumps to swiftly remove debris, preventing nutrient accumulation which promotes algae growth.

+ Biological Filtration: Incorporates biofilms and aquatic plants that naturally absorb dissolved nutrients and inhibit algae proliferation. Regular management of these biological elements ensures sustained nutrient control.

+ Sterilization Techniques: Combines UV-C/ozone generation and ionization methods to eliminate remaining algae spores and pathogens, thereby maintaining water quality.

This integrated approach not only tackles environmental challenges but also uses the warm climate to enhance the efficiency of water treatment processes.

Mont choisy Freshwater Pool


 Indigenous Planting

The pool utilizes an array of indigenous aquatic plants that are not just chosen for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their ability to thrive in Mauritius’s tropical climate and contribute to the pool’s biological filtration. The lush greenery and vibrant blossoms blend functionality with natural beauty, enhancing the ecological balance but also enriching the guest experience with a sense of being enveloped by nature.

Efficiency and Conservation

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Conservation

The design of the freshwater pool at MCLR prioritizes water conservation, crucial in Mauritius’ climate. This system minimizes water wastage through evaporation and reduces the frequency of water replacements, common in traditional pools. Additionally, water from the cleaning of biological filters is repurposed for irrigating the surrounding landscapes, adding another layer of sustainability.

Cost-Effectiveness and Low Maintenance

Beyond environmental benefits, the freshwater pool system offers significant reductions in maintenance costs compared to conventional chemically treated pools. It maintains its cleanliness and quality over extended periods, thus reducing ecological impact and operational expenses. This makes it a financially attractive option for resort owners looking to cut costs and minimize environmental footprints.

mont choisy freshwater pool

Site photo


Biodiversity and Pest Management

The design also includes features to manage and prevent disturbances from local wildlife, such as frogs and mosquitos. This is achieved without the use of harmful chemicals, through meticulous water movement and filtration strategies, ensuring both guest comfort and ecological balance.

Future-Proof and Flexible Installation

Designed with adaptability in mind, the initial installation of the freshwater pool at MCLR includes all necessary infrastructure to support both biological and mechanical components, allowing for easy upgrades or enhancements as technology advances or needs change.

Mont choisy Freshwater Pool

Setting a New Standard in Eco-Friendly Resort Development

The freshwater pool at Mont Choisy La Réserve exemplifies the forefront of eco-friendly resort innovation. This initiative showcases how ecological responsibility can be seamlessly integrated with luxury resort living, offering a blueprint for future developments in tropical destinations worldwide. As the resort industry progresses towards sustainable practices, the freshwater pool at MCLR presents a promising vision of a greener, more sustainable future in leisure amenities, blending natural beauty with environmental consciousness.

“At Mont Choisy La Reserve, WATG sought to create a unique swimming experience for residents where the water is naturally treated and will be of greater quality than standard chemically treated pools.  Working with Ecopools, a global expert in natural swimming pools, we have brought together the science of biological filtration and the qualities of Mauritian native planting to create an elegant and nature-inspired environment.” – Tony Menezes, Associate Principal, Planning

Over the last 15 years, EcoPools have become  a global phenomenon. Although the concept has been around since the mid 1980’s, recent scientific advances now mean reliable and cost-effective systems that sustain very clean pools with incomparable, (living) water quality. The key difference between biological, and all other water filtration systems, is that nutrients are removed from the water, completely eliminating the need for conventional filtration methods. 

The fact that beautiful plants can grow in this water means that landscape architects like WATG can design pools that are not only amazing to swim in, but are also living works of art. The design of the biological system can also be integrated with the overall design of the pool. Water cascading over rocks can for example be used to enhance oxygen levels for the filters to thrive on.

Tastes and lifestyles are evolving, with a premium being placed on health, sustainability and green design. Eco pools are thus becoming essential assets for high end developments. An Ecopool front and centre screams modern consciousness and good taste.

As a value proposition, nothing compares to an EcoPool. Swimming in nature is the ultimate luxury. “ – EcoPools

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