White Paper | New Luxury Hotels: A New Set of Priorities

This complimentary paper was compiled by WATG Strategy. We offer clients research-led development advice, concept definition and financial feasibility to help simplify the complexities of resort development. We also produce white papers exploring trends and characteristics of sub-sectors of the hospitality and real estate industries.

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A type of ‘new luxury’ hotel is slowly maturing following a shift away from the traditional luxury segment. With the trend for consumers to spend their disposable income on collecting experiences rather than acquiring ‘things,’ pioneering luxury hotels have begun to successfully capture market share from traditional ones and moving further into the mainstream.

Whitepaper New Luxury Hotels

WATG’s report ‘New Luxury’ Hotels: A New Set of Priorities investigates the blend of design, operating philosophies and market positioning that has enabled this shift. Research by the firm’s global strategy team explores the full breadth of physical product, amenities, services, and facilities that have allowed these new hotel brands to thrive as the tourism industry continues to grow.

Highlights include:

    • Streamlining Facilities & Services
    • Physical Product & Amenities
    • Community & Localisation
    • Eco-Credentials
    • Stakeholder Returns

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