Turning Silver Into Gold: A Look at the Senior Living Opportunity in China and U.S.

This complimentary paper was compiled by WATG Strategy. We offer clients research-led development advice, concept definition and financial feasibility to help simplify the complexities of resort development. We also produce white papers exploring trends and characteristics of sub-sectors of the hospitality and real estate industries.

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Senior Living Community - Shanghai China WATG Specialty Restaurant

Across the world a combination of advances in healthcare and falling birth rates is resulting in elongated periods of retirement and ageing populations.

This shift in demographics will invariably impact housing requirements as the needs and wants of this market segment evolve. As a result, a period of experimentation is underway.

Developers, operators and governments are seeking to develop solutions that match the expectations of both occupiers and investors. To date, no single model has emerged and clearly there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Contextual variations to be considered include, but are not limited to, location, culture, government policy, income levels, insurance infrastructure and the individual’s medical dependency.

WATG Strategy have interviewed a cross section of current and potential stakeholders in the senior housing industry. By combining these market insights with our experience, we have developed a base of understanding of the challenges and opportunities within this growing real estate sector.

Turning Silver into Gold: The Senior Living Opportunity in China & U.S.

The 15-page paper focusses specifically on the US and China, and looks at the trends that drive and differentiate Senior Living development in the world’s two largest economies.

Highlights include:

  • Overview of the sector in US and China
  • Analysis of demographic shifts
  • Shifting lifestyle implications
  • The latest trends in the sector
  • Must have amenities
  • Hotels and senior housing
  • Different operating models
  • Design trends


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