Resort Wellness: Beyond the Spa

This complimentary paper was compiled by WATG Strategy. We offer clients research-led development advice, concept definition and financial feasibility to help simplify the complexities of resort development. We also produce white papers exploring trends and characteristics of sub-sectors of the hospitality and real estate industries.

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As the world’s population becomes increasingly conscious of their physical health and mental wellbeing, the global wellness industry is growing at a tremendous pace.

This increasing self-awareness, when combined with a burgeoning international travel market and the establishment of the ‘experience economy’, has caused wellness tourism to shift from niche to mainstream. Today, it is one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of the travel industry.

As customers seek more specialised and ‘out of the ordinary’ wellness experiences, developers and operators need to offer more innovative services and facilities.

Resort Wellness: Beyond the Spa

In this 12-page paper, WATG Strategy has interviewed a cross-section of wellness operators and experts. By combining these market insights with our experience, we have assembled an overview of wellness trends and design characteristics.

Highlights include:

  • An overview of the wellness economy
  • Evolution of wellness tourism
  • Key geographical markets
  • The latest trends in wellness travel
  • Wellness design: How to build a healthy hotel


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