St. Regis Astana

A new glittering gem welcomes guests into a prestigious era of refined elegance, and sleek customized luxury


Astana, Kazakhstan


70,000 square meter site
120 keys
1,400 square meter spa

Architecture that reflects something traditional and grand with a hierarchy of space and form that will take the hotel experience into a new age of refined elegance. Authentic to the destination tapping into both ancient tradition and natural heritage.

A building composition that sits with the geometry of the adjacent park and its relationship to the river. Urban narrative with a contribution to the city skyline with design references to the nation’s identity in the yurt, equine and Genghis Khan Helmet influences.

Design influences are seen inspired by Kazakh yurts, embroidered carpets on walls and floors, patterned ribbon, wood carvings and leather in rich colors. The idea of traditional dress of fur, felt, silk and velvet provides the status symbols of contemporary design interpretation.

Highlighting its prominent urban location, the design incorporates commercial, retail and office space and adding a place of great flair and style to the city. Terraces and public promenades on the riverside of the building connect the architecture to the people and the place.