St Mary Residences

The creation of a stylish urban residential destination designed to create excitement with a young and sophisticated audience

St Mary Residences
  • Project data

  • Location

    Kuala Lumpur, Asia Pacific

  • Size

    4.2 acres site
    250,000 square foot serviced apartment tower
    Two additional condominium towers (1,000+ units) branded by E&O Residences Group
    25,000 square feet of retail, restaurants, and clubs

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St Mary Residences is a residential and commercial development project in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, designed to be a luxurious oasis for a young and refined audience. The vision was to create an unparalleled urban residential experience, catering to a lifestyle that embodies sophistication, style, and luxury. Situated on a 4.2-acre site, the development features three high-rise towers, boutique retail spaces, and an array of modern amenities.

St Mary Residences

Project Overview

Design Vision
The architectural design encapsulates a modern, cosmopolitan vibe. The three towers are conceptualized as glass boxes rising from a lush central garden, with stone piers extending 27 stories into the sky. The façade reflects a purity of material and form, underscored by clean lines and classic restraint.

Target Audience
The target demographic for St Mary Residences consists of young singles and couples who seek a stylish, sophisticated, and cosmopolitan lifestyle. These individuals value both aesthetic appeal and functionality, along with the conveniences offered by the development’s retail base.

Key Features

Urban Residential Destination
St Mary Residences aims to be one of the most coveted residential destinations in Kuala Lumpur, designed to incite excitement and engagement among a young and sophisticated audience.

Architectural Brilliance
The architecture serves as an immediate inspiration to potential residents. It conveys the idea of a polished, modern, and urbane home that aligns with contemporary trends.

Generational Expectations
Understanding the generational expectation for convenience and immediacy, the boutique retail base offers a variety of services and shopping options. This feature is particularly attractive to those accustomed to having amenities at their fingertips.

Enriching Lives
Beyond being a residential tower, the development aspires to be a community that enriches the lives of its residents by offering a harmonious blend of living spaces, amenities, and commercial outlets.

St Mary Residences

Challenges and Solutions

Market Competition
Kuala Lumpur has a competitive luxury residential market. To set St Mary Residences apart, significant focus was placed on exceptional design and exclusive amenities.

Impact and Conclusion
St Mary Residences has succeeded in elevating the standard for urban residential living in Kuala Lumpur. The project has received critical acclaim for its design and planning, and units have been selling at a rate that far exceeds initial projections. Not only has it catered to the generational expectations of convenience and luxury, but it has also set a new benchmark for architectural and residential development in the city.

The success of St Mary Residences indicates a strong market appetite for residences that offer more than just a place to live—places that offer a comprehensive lifestyle experience, fulfilling both practical and aspirational needs.

By striking a balance between architectural beauty, luxury, and convenience, St Mary Residences is not just a residential tower; it is a lifestyle destination.

St Mary Residences

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