Mitsis Summer Palace

A Mediterranean gem receives a makeover

Mitsis Summer Palace
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    Kos, Greece

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    Advisory, Architecture, Landscape, Wimberly Interiors

360-degree views of the Aegean Sea

Mitsis Summer Palace is a prestigious, five-star, all-inclusive hotel situated on the enchanting Greek island of Kos. Nestled just five kilometers away from the vibrant city of Kardamena, the hotel offers easy accessibility within a ten-minute drive. Positioned on an elevated site, the resort provides unparalleled 360-degree views of the Aegean Sea, encompassing Nissiros Island and the Bay of Kardamena, with a breathtaking direct line of sight extending to the Turkish coastline. 

Mitsis Summer Palace
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Mitsis Hotels, a renowned and trusted name in the Greek tourism industry

Mitsis Summer Palace is owned and operated by Mitsis Hotels, a renowned and trusted name in the Greek tourism industry. As the largest privately-owned, family-run hotel chain in the country, Mitsis Hotels has built a stellar reputation for its warm and friendly ethos. The hotel reopened in April 2019 after undergoing significant renovations. This came after the successful renovation of Mitsis Norida Beach, also an integrated design project by WATG, where, as a result of the repositioning and renovations, room rates were increased by 20%.

Mitsis Summer Palace

Project overview

Showcasing the full suite of WATG services, the project – which included upgrades to the site’s restaurant and pool amenities – incorporated an integrated collaboration of WATG and Wimberly Interiors services to achieve a holistic, considered space that celebrates the stunning surroundings while aligning perfectly with Mitsis Hotels’ commitment to creating one-of-a-kind travel experiences.

Interior design

The hillside location of the hotel, providing expansive views of the Aegean, served as the primary inspiration for the design. The goal was to seamlessly connect guests with the horizon, fostering a sense of harmony and tranquility. The design team prioritized establishing a strong visual connection between visitors and the surrounding sea while celebrating the mesmerizing Kos sunset. Departing from the conventional design choices on the island, they made a bold decision to employ a dark tile color palette, which is distinctively unique to the property. This distinctive feature, combined with vibrant teal sun lounges and coral accents in the restaurant, created an atmosphere that exuded sophistication and charm.

The fragrant indigenous landscaping creates a sense of place and brings a soft balance to the hotel’s contemporary architecture.

Individual guest rooms now feature sophisticated and relaxed materiality indoors, along with plunge pools. Hillside nests, located in public areas, feature suspended day beds and terraces – contributing to a sense of luxury and privacy. The fragrant indigenous landscaping creates a sense of place and brings a soft balance to the hotel’s contemporary architecture that frames the views. 

Mitsis Summer Palace

Collaboration with Mitsis Hotels

Success is not automatic but is very possible with strategic planning and smart design that leverages the natural surroundings and local contextPrincipal of Architecture, Nick Carrier, commented WATG is thrilled to have an ongoing and exciting relationship with a company like Mitsis Hotels. We are grateful to them for placing trust in us to make bold decisions and contribute to their vision of creating unique, customer-centric spaces.”

Mitsis Summer Palace
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Redefining luxury

“Aiming to reimagine what luxury means and aspiring to welcome our guests to our modern high-end resorts all over Greece, we invest time, capital and expertise to bring into life ambitious infrastructure projects in cooperation with WATG. Determined to continuously add value to our product, we are upgrading our assets, using advanced technologies and developing improved services, creating a whole new landscape for Greek tourism and hospitality.” — Stavros Mitsis, Managing Director of Mitsis Hotels

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