Laucala Island

Paradise found in an exclusive private island of unparalleled levels of luxury and privacy that delivers an authentic Fijian experience


Taveuni, Fiji


1,600 hectares
25 (Bures) private residences

Villas are dotted amongst the coconut palms, beside the beach and atop look out points dramatically uniting the rain-forest and white sand while being sensitive to nature, the environment and commanding views of the Fijian archipelago.

Surprise and curiosity realized in allowing trees to grow through roofs, and rooms to enter landscapes or emerge from the undergrowth while still offering extreme luxury to guests with discerning tastes and needs.

Collaboration and respect for the local community and knowledge in work opportunities and design aesthetic. Natural and local construction design ethics seen in thatch roofs of sago palms, doga timber, and coconut husk weave.