intu Costa del Sol

Redefining retail through luxury, resort-centric guest experiences.

intu Costa del Sol


Torremolinos, Spain


235,000 square meter site

intu Costa del Sol is the world’s first retail resort. Set to be the largest construction site in Western Europe as it makes way for more than 100,000 square meters of green spaces, seventy restaurants, twelve neighbourhoods, two hotels, a huge concert venue, an on-site circus and more, the brief for intu Costa del Sol was clear: assist the Client in redefining and reinventing destination retail as a resort experience.

Involving more than seventy designers from WATG and Wimberly Interiors London and secondments from our studios in Irvine and Singapore, alongside retail experts from intu, the project draws on WATG’s seventy-four years of exceptional hospitality-led design and a deep understanding of the guest experience. Over eighteen months, the collaborative process between WATG, intu and a range of local and international consultants analyzed customer demographics, experiential attractions and guest journeys.

intu Costa Del Sol

The outcome, which is inspired by the end-user, is an unparalleled retail experience that is curated through a hospitality lens. Treating shoppers as guests, intu Costa del Sol visitors will be taken on a high-end journey that begins from the moment they arrive at the site and continues until the moment they leave. Through understanding the customer psyche as that of a hotel guest, rather than a shopper, the project emphasises leisure and luxury, empowering visitors to move at a slower and more deliberate pace than a traditional retail property – ultimately creating a more welcoming and engaging experience for guests, staff and tenants, and driving positive results for all parties.

intu Costa del Sol is anticipated to open in 2023.