Eco Tourism Resort

The creation of a place that upholds the vision of a community with a holistic, integrated and connected design approach

Eco Tourism Resort Panama WATG 02_FOREST VIEW


Bocas Del Toro, Panama


165-hectare site


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With people and places at the forefront of mind, the master plan speaks directly and specifically to Casi Cielo’s five development goals, all of which will have economic, social and environmental benefits for the local community.

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The essential interest in how a community will work and function in life is realized through planning with the village at its heart. It serves as a meeting place for locals and visitors from around the world, with a shared passion for learning, growing and evolving.

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Farm to table and the production of artisanal products in an environmentally friendly way are incorporated into the master plan supporting the development goals for Casi Cielo.

Architectural design fits naturally into the landscape at the shore and in the forest encouraging residents and visitors alike to experience everything from different perspectives. The built environment seamlessly interlocks with nature.