A triumph of strategic planning, logistical and architectural dexterity in transporting a prestigious landmark to the 21st Century at Claridge's London.

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    London, England
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    Two penthouse apartments

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In undertaking the monumental task of renovating Claridge’s, one of London’s most iconic and prestigious hotels, WATG was faced with a unique challenge: to seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art, 21st-century conveniences into the fabric of this 100-year-old Grade II historic landmark building without closing its doors to its esteemed clientele. This ambition required a meticulous balance of innovation and preservation, ensuring that the hotel’s charm and intricate detailing were maintained while upgrading its facilities to meet modern expectations.

The project underscored a profound respect for Claridge’s historical significance, coupled with a commitment to meeting the contemporary guest’s demands for luxury and technology. The challenge was to introduce sophisticated technological enhancements in a manner that was both unobtrusive and in harmony with the hotel’s existing aesthetic. To achieve this, WATG embarked on a detailed restoration of period details, working closely with English Heritage to ensure that the architectural and decorative elements that define Claridge’s unique character were not only preserved but celebrated. This painstaking process involved the careful cataloging and restoration of these features, highlighting the hotel’s rich history while seamlessly integrating modern amenities.

The renovation of Claridge’s is testament to the possibility of modernizing a historical space without compromising its heritage. This delicate balance was maintained throughout the project, ensuring that the hotel remained fully operational, a feat that underscores the team’s expertise in managing complex renovations under challenging conditions. This approach ensured that guests could continue to experience the unparalleled elegance and comfort of Claridge’s, even as it was being thoughtfully upgraded.

This project sets a new standard for the renovation of luxury hotels, demonstrating that historical preservation and modern innovation can coexist harmoniously. The renovation ensured that Claridge’s remains at the forefront of luxury accommodation in the 21st century.

Claridge’s London, a 100 year old Grade II historic landmark building remained open for business while state of the art conveniences were installed. Keep the DNA and keep the staff, mission accomplished.

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