Ayana Komodo Resort

WATG Pioneers Design of First Five-Star Resort on Flores Island, Indonesia

  • Project Data

  • Location

    Waecicu Beach, Indonesia
    Asia Pacific

  • Size

    1.4 hectare site
    192 guestrooms
    13 suites
    420 square-meter spa

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With stunning 180-degree views of the calming Flores Sea, guests are greeted at a rooftop lobby area, where one of the hotel’s three cozy bars can be found bathed in a golden glow every evening. Located in a lagoon with extraordinary marine life and pristine white beaches, the design ensures visitors feel truly immersed in the lush natural surroundings.

The area’s rich cultural and ecological landscape has shaped WATG’s design for the resort. Inspired by the rugged Manggarai Mountain range, and abundance of local materials and traditional Batik patterns, the design creates an informed identity for the hotel.

Notably the largest land reptile in the world, the Komodo Dragon’s power, and gripping body inspired the architecture of the guest wing. The guest wing is expressed as a single curved form with repeating tessellated surfaces and balcony edges which are abstracted from the body and skin of the famed reptile.

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