Nepal Earthquake Relief

After having just spent two and a half weeks in Nepal trekking through the Langtang Valley and visiting areas in and around Kathmandu the recent earthquake in the area has left the four of us really shaken. Less than two weeks ago we were there standing in some of the spots that were hardest hit. We have pictures of beautiful temples and buildings that two weeks later have been reduced to a pile of bricks.

According to reports on Nepal Television (NTV), via a tweet from reporter Michael Holmes at CNN, the valley is “completely destroyed.” And according to, Chief District Officer Uddhav Prasad Bhattarai stated that the village of Langtang was engulfed by an avalanche triggered by the quake, with more than 100 people feared dead, the roadway partially blocked and 90 percent of the district’s houses damaged.

We met such friendly people and kids, some of whom we can only hope are still alive and well, and a handful we were able to confirm are okay.

The idea that if our trip was planned for a week later, we would have been in the midst of it all, is so surreal.

These are the relief effort organizations we plan to donate to: Save the Children and Global Giving. Please consider donating to either of these groups or any others you feel would use your donations best.

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